Sunday 30 December 2012

Trouble with "Don't track my pageviews"

For my own reference this is a note to check the "Don't track my pageviews" button frequently.  I discovered tonight that it was unchecked, don't know how, but it has happened in the last week.  My blog was NOT counting my views at the beginning of the week whilst I was at my mum's for Christmas.  And tonight it did, noticably, as I opened a few pages to create links on my Family History Stories page.

I had told it to allow cookies from and back in October and that had worked fine until now.  By process of elimination and the use of ccCleaner (which monitors your cookies, saving the ones you nominate whenever it cleans) to look at what cookies were being added as I amended the settings I discovered that the Blogger cookie to prevent your own page views from being tracked is now coming from   

COM!!!! Grrrrr!  I have added that to the list of permitted sites and crossed my fingers.

This has reminded me far too much of the ticky box on Forces War Records ... and that cost me money.  At least this is just annoying.

Happy Flipping New Year. 
If stuff isn't broken can they please not fix it.

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