World War One Soldiers' Stories

In March 2013 I presented a public talk to the Friends of Barnsley Archives.  The topic was "Barnsley Soldiers in the First World War" and it was based on the stories of three of the OH's relatives who served and died between 1914 and 1918.  You can download a leaflet about my talks here and read more about them on my History Talks tab.
WW1 soldiers going through the wire (from Life in the Trenches and Leger Battlefield Tours)
Since then several people have asked if I've written the stories of the soldiers that I talked about.  I hadn't, the presentation notes were as far as it went for Frank, Reg and Alonzo, so this page is the introduction to their collected stories and the WW1 stories about all the other men in both the OH's and my family trees.

The names below are just a few of the men whose records I have found who have connections with our families.  I've also been researching Barnsley men who were taken Prisoners of War in World War One and some of them have great stories too, but are not related.  Recently I started a Pinterest board for my WW1 stories, this is a preview of some of my most recent posts. 

I wrote a short post back in October 2012 about my thoughts on war and the men who fight for their country.  Lest we forget.

As I write and post each story I will link them here and highlight the names in blue.  Below the names there's a list of the main sources I've used researching the posts, some are used quite regularly, like the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, some just for one blog post and of course I have found a lot of information about the Barnsley soldiers in particular from the newspapers in the Barnsley Archives.  

May 2015: I have now found some WW1 Womens Stories, so I'm going to start a new tab for them.  These are so much rarer than the soldier stories, a woman had to stand out to get mentioned in official documents or the newspapers at the beginning of the century.

It might take me some time to get around to writing up all the stories - so if you've got a request for anyone in particular, please get in touch!  Similarly if you have any information on any of my soldiers please contact me.

Alonzo Wilson Swallow
Sydney N Veitch
Gabriel Davidson Harle
Walter Larkin
George Fidler
Langley Park
Arthur Gough
Henry Cook Westnidge
Samuel Macey
John Peter Dunbar
John Wildgoose
Herman Jobling
Gad Leather
Henry Makinson
Bishop Auckland
Thomas Elstob
Thomas William Duncan
Wilfred Bullough
Arthur Beevers
George F Jaques
Alfred W Holgate
Loveland Family
John Benson
Carlton, Barnsley
William Lewin
John George Jolly
Crook, Durham
George Alfred Morley
William Malkin
Australia + Barnsley
Alfred Johnson
Church St, Barnsley
Crossland Barraclough
Wallsend + Barnsley
George Lister Greenwood
Conscientious Objector
John William Kilner
Ben Moorhouse
Pinder Oaks Hotel

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