Family History Stories

When I started this blog at the beginning of October 2012 my only thought was to have a go ... I wanted to comment on things that happened to me or that had annoyed me and a blog seemed to be a good place to do this.

I've now decided that my other aim will be to write those family history stories that have been fascinating me for the last 20 years so that other people can read them.  I have been inspired in part by some posts on The Armchair Genealogist.

My own Family History website, with living members removed, can be found here:  but this consists of bare facts and can be hard to navigate for anyone unused to family history.  So what I will do from now on when I add a family history story to my main blog I'll add a link here so we can find them all easily.

I've started this by reprising my 2009 article from Barnsley Family History Society's journal, Domus Historiae, about my husband's great grandmother Edith Alice.  I've even added an update of information found since I wrote the original piece.

Hopefully I'll end up with a whole library of family history stories that are easy to access, which can be read to accompany the hard facts on my website.  Blog posts about my investigations, background information and a research diary of a kind can be found on my Research Diary Links tab above.

Family History Stories Index

Addictive Hobby
Edith Alice Benson pt 1
Mystery Solved
Edith Alice Benson pt 2
Leaving for Liverpool
Fred Elstob Hutton
Uncle Joe Moderate
Who fell on his head
Maw Migration to America
as Mormons
Esther Leech
Duncan Kay's Grave
Whealleans pt 2
Master Mariners pt2
Huttons in Sunderland
William Satchell Hutton pt 3
His family and final years
James Nutley
Mary Hutton's life &
death remembered
Where was William
Bateman born?
Harle pt 2
Interned for the Duration
Thomas Croft
Thomas Elstob
Another Master Mariner
Grandad William S Hutton
in the Home Guard
Lewin Green brother of
Edith Alice Benson
Edward Jones'
Family come to Carlton

Coming Soon (prompts for future posts):

 Edward Nutley
my granddad's mentor
A Barnsley Lad in America
Joseph Owram 
Susannah Rogers
How many husbands?
 Smith family 
in Walker
Harle family in Walker in the
later 19th century
Mary Catherine Smith
Moses - Bormond
Hutton-Potts Family
Hong Kong
Bunns and Rumseys from
Essex to Durham
Croft Family around


Anonymous said...

I have been searching for my husbands family - Samuel Merrill (Marrall) was born in Worksop and had two children with Clara Fanny Smith married Spencer. There surname changes from Merrill Marrall and even Merrill !!
Evelyn born 1889 and WIlliam Sheffield 1892
My darling husband Reg died recently and I was sorry that I haven't found more of his family. His father William was a WW! soldier Army Driver was injured out and then rejoined. (returned home) and produced 8 children with Evelyn nee Mawson-They married 16 July 1916- Found this site and may I ask if there is a St Simon's Church Sheffield with the Christening record available on line.
i am in New Zealand . Kind regards for reading
Paddy Merrill

Anonymous said...

last Merrill should read Merrill ! the spell check changed it :)

Anonymous said...

and again Mirrill

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Hi Paddy,
There was a St Simon's church in Sheffield, and it is listed on this site with loads of online Sheffield information at

You could also try asking the Sheffield Family History Society,

Thanks, Linda

derbyshire lass said...

my mum was born in barnsley and baptised oct 13 1922at s barnabas mission but unable to find any information her mothers name was florence m holland of 146 old mill lane she was a general domestic servant my mum was born on12th september 1922 she passed away not knowing her history she was brought up by a mrs pearson in sheffield would love to find out more

BarnsleyHistorian said...

Derbyshire lass - That's a hard one. I assume you have her birth certificate? Sadly just too late for the 1921 census, but your grandmother will be listed. But we don't know if she was from Barnsley or somewhere else I guess? It's a fairly distinctive name. I'll have a look later. Email me
Linda x