Monday, 29 June 2020

The Brampton Parish Hall Roll of Honour - List of Posts

I have created a good number of posts in the past few months about the framed Roll of Honour recently rediscovered in the papers of the outgoing Brampton Parish Clerk.

This is an index to them for my reference and for anyone else who'd like to read them in order!

I made an initial Post about the memorial on my Commemoration and Remembrance website.
It has a full sized photo of the Roll of Honour taken by Andrew Taylor and a transcription of the names. In February 2021 I moved that post to the Barnsley & District War Memorials site which I had recently taken over administration of once more.

If I discover any more facts about the memorial this page will be updated.

Posts on 'A Barnsley Historian's View' and 'Barnsley's History - Commemoration & Remembrance
When (and if) I write more posts on the RoH I will add the links to this page.
(I'd like to write an academic article about the RoH, but I think I need to solve the mystery of where it came from first - but it that never happens I suppose it could still be an article, but it would be a bit open-ended.)

19 February 2020 Researching a Re-Discovered Roll of Honour: Brampton Parish Hall

26 February 2020 Brampton Parish Hall Roll of Honour, Cortonwood War Memorial and a Name Listed Twice in the Same Census

11 March 2020 Four brothers Moorhouse from the Concrete Cottages in Brampton who Served in the First World War

28 March 2020 Distant connection - the Brampton Parish Hall Roll of Honour

29 May 2020 The Brampton Parish Hall Roll of Honour Mystery - Where Did it Come From?

16 June 2020 James and Albert Crawford First World War Soldiers from Concrete, Brampton

21 June 2020  Possible Source of the Brampton Parish Hall RoH - The Guide Post Inn

29 June 2020 Who was A Gibson? Where did he come from? Where did he live? I love a mystery!

21 March 2022 Researching One Man Solves Another Puzzle - Brampton Parish Church Roll of Honour 

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