Sunday 17 November 2013

Unusual War Memorials - Lychgates in Felkirk and Wortley

Today the OH took me out for another airing, a drive around the outskirts of Barnsley looking for war memorials.  I particularly wanted to visit Felkirk church as last time we went it was covered in scaffolding and plastic sheeting so I came away without a photograph.  Today was a bit grey, but the church looked wonderful.  You can see a lot of work has been done to the main building and to the adjacent old Sunday Schoolroom.  The notice board by the gate includes a plaque giving credit to National Lottery funding for the work.
Stonebuilt church with square tower at the far end, so looking at it from the east.  Aisle to the south, but not on the north.  Benches and gravestones in the foreground.
St Peter's church, Felkirk, near Barnsley

The OH has a second cousin five times removed (yes, I know that's so distant as to be invisible by the Hubble telescope but it's still a relationship as far as I'm concerned) George Owram who was the schoolmaster in South Hiendley in the 1871 census.  Two of his children, Eleanor (b.1871) and Fanny (b.1873) were born in the area and baptised at St Peter's church, Felkirk.  
Black and white map snip showing mainly fields, two small settlements Felkirk with a church and a couple of large houses and South Hiendley maybe a mile away with a straggling row of small houses and a large unfenced common area to the south with a school indicated.
Felkirk and South Hiendley in 1894 - note the school at the bottom right (from Old Maps)

Today I also wanted to take photos of the lychgate - which I had spotted on Brierley Village website as being the war memorial for the area.  This is the second lychgate war memorial I've seen in the last few weeks, the other being at Wortley.  A lychgate was traditionally a covered gateway into a churchyard and sometimes contains a table or stone block for resting the coffin (or the shrouded body) on its way to the church.  At Wortley there is a traditional lychgate with a central stone block at the far end of the church yard - the memorial appears to have been a later addition in the same style.
Swooping roof over a double wooden gate set in a stone wall.  Open woodwork stucture to gables and sides and sumounted by a cross in a circle.
Lychgate and War Memorial at Felkirk

At Felkirk the legend "1914 may they rest in peace 1918" is carved in raised letters onto the beam above the gate.  Inside the structure to the left is a bronze plaque bearing the names of the fallen from the First World War and to the right a similar plaque for the fallen of the Second World War.
Greeny bronze plaque with raised names, listed in text below.
1914 - 1918 plaque at Felkirk

The First World War names are:

A E Bettney
H Garton
A Ogley
A Bowen
L Godley
J A Parkinson
M B P Boyd
S Goodchild
F Peckett
N Bradbury
B Govier
C Pickard
G Burton
J Harwood
P Sendall
R Davis
W R Hayton
E Taylor
T O Dunhill
J Holmes
W Taylor
J Elliott
J A Hunt
F Teal
J Fenn
W Johnson
A Torr
W H Garner
E W Litherland
T Webb
G Gartenfeld
C Miles
H Wilkinson
H Gartenfeld
W Owen
G W Woodward

Greeny bronze plaque with raised names, listed in text below.
1939 - 1945 Plaque at Felkirk

The Second World war names are:

F Barraclough

H Hopkinson

M Rose

H Bird

R Jackson

J Smith

A Brook

W King

J E Smith

R E Butterwood

A Lillward

L Steele

D Collins

R Moore

J Taylor

C Cooper

G Needham

F I Tibble

W Davenport

J Nichols

R Thorpe

F Davis

A E Oldroyd

A Ward

W Flynn

T A Oliver

Margaret Wardle

C Fretwell

E Pashley

R A Whittlestone

H Goften

H Richards

R B Wilson

H Roberts

D Livett
We took pictures of the lychgate at St Leonard's church, Wortley last weekend.

A wooden double gate set in a stone wall with an gabled structure above.  Decoratively carved and with shaped fretwork.  Surmounted by a wooden cross.
The Memorial Lytchgate at St Leonard's church, Wortley
Above and around the gable of the gateway it reads, "To the Glory of God & In Memory / of the Wortley Men who Gave Their / Lives for their Country in the Great War 1914-1918".  Some of the lettering is a little bit broken - the OH, who is a joiner by trade - said that a lot of work had gone into that carving.  He pointed out the little holes around each letter where the craftsman had drilled into the wood to create the curves of the letters before chiselling out the straight lines.

Inside the gateway are two plaques, bronze mounted on wood.  Both are headed simply Fallen and I assume these are the names for the First World War.
Composite picture of two bronze plaques with wooden borders.  Headed simply Fallen the names are listed in the text below.
The WW1 Fallen plaques at Wortley church

These names are:

Frank Bidwell

Enoch Laycock

William N Bradshaw

Frank Laycock

Frank Copley

Thomas Mansell

William Crapper

John Myerscough

Henry Ford

Sidney Raynor

Charles Harker

Samuel Reynolds

George Hough

John Robbins

Vincent Jowitt

Leonard White

George King

Harold Wragg

Cyril Laycock

There is a small plaque inside the gateway with three names for the Second World War.

Bronze plaque with raised lettering set on wooden beam.
Wortley WW2 names
The Wortley WW2 names are:

Kenneth Francis
Mabel Turner
William Turton

I will be adding Felkirk and amending Wortley to add the names on the War Memorials Online site shortly.

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