Saturday, 25 May 2013

Open University - Update on my module conundrum

Just before I went away on holiday I posted about the effect of the fees increase at the Open University on my life.  I have been studying with the OU since 1998 and I wanted my very last module with the OU to be an interesting history one, not an introductory level 1 general arts and humanities one.

Just as we were coming home yesterday I received an email to say that the Humanities Programme Director had agreed that I didn't have to take the interdisciplinary level 1 module after all.  They had taken into consideration the wide range of modules I've studied over the years, history, technology, maths, computing, sociology and heritage. 

I've now registered for my last module - A327 - Europe 1914 - 1989: war, peace, modernity.  When I have completed that in the summer of 2014 (and of course subject to passing the module I'm doing now and the new one) I'll have earned a BA Humanities.

There's a space waiting for the certificate on our office wall!

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