Friday 1 March 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past - James Nutley

For the past two days I've been blogging about a walk the OH and I did in 2003.  The first leg was from Helmington Row, where I thought my grandad was born to Howden le Wear where my great great grandfather lived.  The second leg was from Howden le Wear to Witton le Wear, where my 3xgreat grandparents had a pub.  There's stuff about pubs in the blogs too, I like pubs ...

Late last night I tried the old chestnut of seeing if anyone else was researching this branch of my family  - the public trees on Ancestry are a mixed bag, some are really good, with lots of sources and even certificates and photos, some are complete rubbish, with people being born when their parents are children and getting married after they've died, that sort of thing.

The Jolly and Nutley lines seem popular though - and there are some photos too.  I recognised at least one of the marriage certificates though - it was from my collection or maybe even my own website.  Now I don't mind, and I did say as much in a comment, but it would have been nice to have been asked or credited - unless this is someone I wrote to and shared info with years ago?  The various photos seem to have been saved to so many trees that it's difficult to work out who they originated from - so I've sent a few messages to see if it's OK to use the pictures.

Pre-empting the permission somewhat - but because I'm so happy to have found this given my comments yesterday, here is a photo of James Nutley's gravestone in the churchyard at Howden le Wear and a photo supposedly of James himself - thanks to abreme (I think I know who this is) on Ancestry.
James and Eleanor Nutley's gravestone with a mention for their son Joseph, lost in WW1 (thanks to abreme)
In memory of James Nutley who died Nov 11th 1927 aged 75 years.
Also Eleanor his beloved wife who died Jan 6th 1929, aged 74 years.
  Also Pte Joseph Nutley, N. F. their son, who died at Ypres Feb 22nd 1915, aged 28 years.
"At Rest"
James Nutley (thanks to abreme)
How wonderful to see the face of my great, great grandfather. 

One tree owner has even found a James Devlin that might be James Nutley in the 1861 census - and the name Devlin does get passed down the line of James' first son.  There is an Irish connection, his step mother appears to be lodging with someone from Ireland.  Maybe we'll make sense of my mystery yet!

I'll get back to my walk later - just had to share this with the world!

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