Tuesday 5 February 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Vaux Family, Sunderland

Yesterday, whilst looking for something else entirely I stumbled upon this gravestone in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery on the Find A Grave site. 

Vaux Family Gravestone in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery (from Find a Grave)
Ralph Thomas Vaux (1836-1928) had a brother, John Storey Vaux (1834-1881) who married my 1st cousin 4x removed Harriet Douglas.  Her mum, Eliza Mordey was the sister of my favourite ancestor Amelia Mordey, the mother of all my mariner Huttons.

Vaux Family Tree (from Family Historian)
The Vaux family were brewers in Sunderland, I once met Frank Nicholson (descendant of Amy Vaux and Frank Nicholson on the tree above) when Sheffield CAMRA was campaigning to try to keep Wards Brewery, which was part of Vaux, open in the late 1990s.  He would be my 4th cousin once removed, but I didn't know that then of course.

Laying a wreath to commemorate the closure of Ward's Brewery (1999) - I'm the one with the wreath!
(from BBC Look North)

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