Thursday 2 May 2013

Spoon shortage - necessary recuperation

If you read yesterday's post about my unavoidable trip to Sheffield you'll know I went to bed stiff and aching. It's 6am and the cat has woken me as usual. 

Just to let you know it hasn't improved much although the pain in my foot has receded due to the Deep Relief gel liberally applied early this morning. I can still tell I had a really bad cramp - there's a tender band right across the top of the foot, but it doesn't feel as if it's in danger of imminent recurrence.

I'm writing this on my tablet, which has wonderful speech recognition in Evernote, but I can't work out how to paste the resulting text into this blog template after I've dictated it. Work in progress then ...

Eyes drooping again, time to go back to sleep.

Finally woke at 11:30am, but didn't move until the OH came home for lunch at 12 noon.  It's a lovely day out there and I should go and take the heads of the dandelions at the very least, but I should also write 2000 words on "the influence of multiculturalism on the management of heritage in the early twenty-first century", which has to be done by next Wednesday ... decisions, decisions. 

Mainly I should move - but that's not as easy as it sounds - not just a spoon shortage, but a spoon deficit methinks.

Stickman looking casual about this whole lying down thing
Stickman looking a lot more casual about this whole lying down thing than I am!


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