Friday 21 December 2012

Family foolishness

The reunion with 2c'h (second cousin's husband) went great, my mum and I are now friends on Facebook with my 2/3c (second and third cousin).  They have a lovely house and a bouncy young dog, they are still interested in family history and my mum commented that my 2/3c had a look of my grandmother about her - which would be because my grandmother and her grandmother were cousins, whilst my grandfather and her grandfather were brothers, hence the 2/3c.  There is also a family resemblance between her and my cousin (my father's sister's eldest daughter) which we checked out on Facebook by putting their two photos side by side.
James Henry Hall and Edward Lawrence Hall were brothers who married cousins, Janet Dimmick and Janet Bunn
(tree section created using Family Historian click image to enlarge)

We have promised to stay in touch better in future!

My daughter and her partner arrived a little late, but they had called in at Barnsley on the way from Leicester which was handy as I'd left part of the OH's Christmas present in my sock drawer.  My daughter wanted to raid my bookshelves for her latest essay on Women's Education from 1870.  Apparently I had just the book, one that she had on her list to request from her uni library.  Handy having a book worm, charity shop scrounging mother!

My Mum and I had made a pan of mulled wine - to warm and welcome them - but I think we drank the majority of it ourselves ... oh dear, never mind!

So we just raced in alternate directions to get the password for the wi-fi for my daughter (we being my not-quite-son-in-law and myself).  The house here handily allows circular access to the hall - a feature my children used to enjoy as small children!  I think their influence may be causing me to regress. My mum's cat is looking quite concerned at the number of people who are invading her house.  Last night I had to tempt her out from under the npt-quite-son-in-law's car with cat treats to get her into the house out of the rain so we could go to bed.

A trip to Retford this afternoon to spend the £35 credit note for the local bookshop, Bookworm, that they insisted Mum take when she tried to donate a huge pile of Dad's old military books to them for their collectors' and second hand section.  She had borrowed a shopping trolley from Wilko's to take them from the car to the shop rather than make 4 or 5 trips with them.  I understand the trolley then provided support for my mum whilst she browsed the 3 charity shops on the same street. 

Chinese for tea to save on washing up, but the take-away was engaged when we rang so an expedition has been mounted to the village 3 miles away to fetch it.  I am waiting with rice on the boil, spring rolls in the oven and plates warming ...

Tomorrow the OH goes to fetch my son and his partner, and we will be seven for an early Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Bye for now!

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