Monday, 22 October 2012

Rising up in the world

The new mattress, which arrived at 8pm last night, is definitely thicker than the old one, I've had to raise my bed table up by two inches so I can get my knees under it. 

Not very well today, tired and shaky.  I'd still be asleep if someone hadn't phoned at 11am asking for what turned out to be a wrong number.  Just as well really as the OH called home at 11:30am to charge something (power tools? computer? phone?  I didn't ask) and at least I'd opened the curtains and put another load of washing in even if I had gone straight back to bed afterwards.  I should have gone to Cudworth library this morning for the CLHG working meeting, but I just turned my alarm off earlier and went back to sleep.

Unfortunately there have now been two more phone calls so despite being very woozy I am awake.  Done the Monday banking, renewed my library book and checked my email.  Sorry to see that a well known CAMRA member has passed away after some days in intensive care after an accident.  It's not nice when people get taken suddenly like that ...

Everton continued to keep me busy.  Watching Strictly with my mum on Saturday night the picture started to pixellate after about an hour and by an hour and a half in was totally unwatchable.  We weren't so worried about the dancing but really wanted to watch Merlin (mum, who actively dislikes Dr Who, likes Merlin and has followed Primeval in the past - I think it's the dragons).  I rushed upstairs and fetched the small tv from the spare bedroom; it's one of those ones with a built in digi box so I hoped that if it did work it would pinpoint the problem to the downstairs digibox - rather than the aerial.  Hooray - we'd missed about 15 minutes but it was as clear as anything if half the size.  So we both had so sit on the floor about two feet from the box to watch the programme!  Could this be our mutually fading eyesight or had we just got used to a bigger picture? 

New digi box on the shopping list for next time we are in Everton then and in the meantime mum says she'll watch Strictly if she feels like it but Merlin for preference if the current box can only manage an hour before giving up.  She can always move upstairs to watch Merlin or catch up later on iplayer.  Just to prove this was possible on Sunday morning she asked me to find Merlin on the ipad for her - not a problem - and she sat and watched it from the beginning.  'S good having a mum that doesn't mind technology.

My daughter phoned me yesterday (a regular Sunday occurance now she has a landline with free weekend calls), she said there wasn't anything to talk about as I'd put it all in my blog! 

Now drooping over the keyboard, so I'll stop.  Done the important stuff, maybe my brain will let me switch off again now ...

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